Does My Child Need to Wear a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports?

Hunter Mouthguard FB PICWe all know the importance of wearing a mouth guard when playing sports, but just because its common sense doesn’t mean we always do it; especially when you’re a kid. There are many reasons why kids of all ages can feel compelled to play without a mouth guard. Most of the time it’s a simple reason, like they find it uncomfortable, or they are trying to look cool. No matter the reason, it’s important to remember that we wear mouth guards for protection.

Mouth guards can prevent teeth from being chipped, fractured, loosened or knocked out. Mouth guards not only protect teeth, but they protect the tongue, jaw and soft tissue areas of the mouth as well.

Here’s a breakdown of how mouth guards can protect your child:

Damage to Teeth: Mouth guards form a barrier between the teeth and any brute force impact, absorbing the initial force of the blow and keeping both bottom and top teeth safe.

Soft Tissue Damage: The same way the mouth guard protects the teeth from a blow, it will protect the lips, tongue and cheeks from being punctured or gashed by the teeth.

Damage to Jaw: If teeth slam together forcefully the impact can be enough to fracture or displace the jaw joint or bone. A mouth guard, however, will absorb the shock greatly lessening its effect on the jaw.

Any of these injuries will not only be painful to your child, but they will be painful to your wallet as well. It’s important to explain the consequences of not wearing a mouth guard to your children so they fully understand the risks.

You can buy pre-made mouth guards in any sporting goods store or you can get a custom fit mouth guard from your dentist or orthodontist. The more comfortable a mouth guard, the more likely your child is to wear it.

At Hunter Family Orthodontics we offer $12 orthodontist designed Denta-Gard Mouth Protectors that are made from an FDA approved material that is latex free, BPA free and manufactured in the USA. They are soft and flexible, and fit comfortably over most orthodontic appliances without affecting teeth position during treatment. A helmet securing strap is attached for convenience, but can be removed if your child does not play a sport that uses helmets.

If you would like to know more about Denta-Gard Mouth Protectors call us at 281.298.0000 or visit our website to schedule an appointment HERE.