7 Myths About Braces You Need to Know

Do you have questions about braces that you’ve been too embarrassed to ask? You’re not alone! Many people are curious about braces but don’t want to seem uninformed. In this blog post, we will debunk seven common myths about braces. Dr. Ross Hunter of Hunter Family Orthodontics has been helping hundreds of patients solve their orthodontic issues with braces, and he is here to separate fact from fiction.

Myth 1: Braces are too expensive to afford. 

There was once a time when braces were financially unattainable for most. Luckily, the cost of braces has drastically improved, and with payment plans, more families have access to this treatment than ever before. At Hunter Family Orthodontics, we understand that braces can be a financial strain, which is why we provide affordable payment plans so everyone can access the quality orthodontic care they need. 

Myth 2: Braces are only for teenagers and young adults. 

These days, adult braces are trending! Braces can help people of all ages—from children to senior citizens—achieve their smile goals. With modern technology and materials, such as ceramic braces, our patients feel more confident getting their braces treatment later in life.

Myth 3: Braces are painful. 

Braces take some time to get used to—you may feel some initial soreness as your teeth and jaw get accustomed to the pressure. However, you shouldn’t experience severe pain once you get used to them. If you are weeks or months into your treatment and you experience pain, you should call Dr. Hunter to schedule an appointment so that he can address the issue.

Myth 4: Braces will require frequent dentist visits. 

While you may be required to visit the orthodontist every 4-6 weeks for routine check-ups and adjustments, braces will improve your oral health in the long run. This means fewer dental visits and a decreased chance of more severe restorations.

Myth 5: Braces will cause damage to my teeth. 

If your orthodontist is an experienced professional, your braces shouldn’t cause any damage to your teeth. On the contrary, braces can help improve the health of your teeth and gums as they realign them into their proper position. Dr. Hunter uses only proven, safe materials and certified techniques designed to move your teeth gradually with minimal discomfort.

Myth 6: Braces take too long to achieve results. 

Thanks to the latest technology and materials, your orthodontist can devise a plan that ensures your braces are as effective as possible. Sometimes, this means combining different treatments to achieve the best results in a shorter period. While the time you will need to wear your appliances depends on your specific orthodontic needs, Dr. Hunter provides personalized treatment plans to get the most out of your braces.

Myth 7: Braces will cause speech impediments. 

False! Hunter Family Orthodontics are experts at fitting braces so your speech is unaffected. We also make it a priority to provide support throughout your orthodontic treatment so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your appliances if needed.

7 Myths About Braces You Need to Know

Start your smile transformation with braces at Hunter Family Orthodontics.

Despite what you may have heard about braces, they continue to be one of the go-to orthodontic treatments for millions of patients across the country. With Dr. Hunter and his team of knowledgeable staff, you can be sure that your braces journey is in the best hands. Contact us today to learn more about braces or to schedule a free consultation.