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We care about you like you're our own family and we promise to give you the best quality care in a comfortable, fun setting.

The Woodlands TX Orthodontist

Expert Training

Meet Dr. Hunter, an accomplished orthodontist who has undergone extensive training to specialize in orthodontics. Like all orthodontists, Dr. Hunter began as a dentist, but only a select few out of every 100 dental school graduates choose to pursue this field.

To become an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Hunter devoted 11 years to rigorous education and training, including four years of college, four years of dental school, and three years of orthodontics residency.

During this time, he honed his skills in tooth movement management and facial development guidance, which are essential aspects of orthodontics.

Personalized Service

At Hunter Family Orthodontics, we want you to feel completely happy with our services from the time you contact us until your last appointment. Dr. Hunter will look at your records - like pictures and X-rays - to figure out how to best help you.

You can choose the kind of braces you want. Our aim is to give you the smile you want and make sure you feel good about the care you get every time you come in.

You can trust that you'll leave our office feeling confident about the care you received.

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Comfortable Treatments

At Hunter Orthodontics, we want you to have the most comfortable experience possible while getting your teeth straightened.

Before, people had to wear headgear and clunky bands on their teeth. Braces don't have to be painful anymore!

But now, things are different. There are special wires called NiTi wires that make the process much more comfortable. NASA uses this same technology!

These wires gently move your teeth in the right direction without needing to be tightened. This means you'll spend less time in braces and be more comfortable while you're wearing them.

Flexible Payments

Everyone around The Woodlands deserves a new smile. You can choose from flexible payment options, and we'll work with your budget to help make your treatment as affordable as possible.

After we’ve determined your insurance coverage and filed it for you, your Hunter Family Orthodontics team sits down with you and comes up with a monthly payment plan that fits your budget.

You can also get a discount if you pay in full on the front end before beginning treatment.

Modern Techniques

Dr. Hunter stays on top of the latest and greatest in orthodontic treatment technology. Many exciting developments are happening in the world of orthodontics, from the latest methods of tooth straightening to new braces and even high-tech imaging systems.

Choose from aesthetic options like ceramic braces or Invisalign. Hunter Family Orthodontics is your location around The Woodlands for modern orthodontic treatment.

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